What Is Lottery Heat?

Lottery Heat is a visual heatmap tool that helps you identify hot and cold lotto number picks based on historical lotto data using our unique algorithm. This way instead of picking random numbers, you’ll have the ability to vastly increase your chances of winning the lottery based on previous winning number picks – and be able to play with greater confidence!

What Lotteries Does Lottery Heat Cover?

Currently our exclusive lottery heatmap showcases historical number picks from two of the biggest and most popular lotteries: PowerBall and MegaMillions. We plan on adding even more lotteries in the future and are open to your suggestions in order to make this happen.

How Does Lottery Heat Work?

The process is very simple. You can sign up with a free account or one of our popular paid memberships. Once you’re logged in, you’ll then be able to choose which lottery you prefer (PowerBall or MegaMillions). At this point, you can choose the date range you want to cover, then click the “Activate” button to see the magic happen. Once clicked, you’ll see a stunningly visual “heat map” of colors with everything from Super Hot to Cold lotto number picks. At this point, you’ll have the option to pick your own numbers based on the data or use the “Get the HEAT” option to have number combinations based on previous winning picks chosen for you.

Why Should I Use Lottery Heat’s Heatmap Tool?

The vast majority of previous lotto winners win for one big reason: they play with a game plan. They rarely simply pick random numbers. But now thanks to Lottery Heat, you can vastly increase your odds of winning because you’ll have the opportunity to choose from PROVEN winning number picks based on real historical data. Wouldn’t you rather pick numbers that have a proven history of being picked vs. selecting numbers at random and wasting money?

How Are the Lotto Number Picks Color-Coded?

When you use the Lottery Heat heatmap tool, you’ll quickly see that we use a very clear and wide variation of colors to “rank” both hot and cold number picks (all based on historical data). We use a color spectrum of 8 different colors for 8 different lotto number rankings. These include: Super Hot (Red), Really Hot (Orange), Quite Hot (Yellow), Warm (Light Green), Medium (Dark Green), Cool (Aqua), Chilly (Light Blue), Cold (Dark Blue).

What Date Range Options Are Available to Use?

We offer a number of date range options you can pick from once you’re logged into your user dashboard. You can manually choose your own custom date range, or you can choose from the Last 30 Days, Last 60 Days, or Last 90 Days. Once you choose your date range, simply click the “Activate” button and you’ll see the heatmap appear with the hottest (and coldest) lotto number picks that you can choose from!

Can I Let Lottery Heat Choose Numbers for Me?

YES! This is one of the most popular features of Lottery Heat. Inside your user dashboard, once you see which lotto number picks are hot and cold, you’ll have the option to either “Make a Combo” with your own picks OR use our “Get the HEAT” option to have potential winning numbers picked for you (based on previous winning picks). Both methods are super easy to learn and to implement right away!

Am I Able to Save My Lotto Number Picks?

YES! No matter if you choose your own combo of lotto number picks or if you use our “Get the HEAT” option to have the numbers picked for you, you’ll be able to save your numbers if you join our monthly or lifetime membership (this feature is not available in the free version). To save your numbers, all you’ll need to do is click the “Save” button next to the line of numbers you want to save. That’s it, just point and click!

Does Lottery Heat Offer Any Type of Alerts?

YES! You can get instant alerts via text messaging when you join our monthly or lifetime membership (this feature is not available in the free version). Once you register your account and phone number, you’ll get instant text alerts on past or current winning lotto numbers! This way you’ll know if you have winning numbers automatically once the official picks are made!

What About Future Updates? Do I Get Those Too?

When you join our lifetime membership for a one-time only investment of only $99, you’ll get access to ALL current features and future updates/features at no cost!

Do You Offer Any Other Tips or Advice on Picking Winning Lotto Numbers?

Yes, we do! In fact, we’ve put together a really fantastic guide that includes 10 tips on how to win, and what not to do if you do win! This guide is a free eBook available to you near the bottom of the page here.

Can I use Lottery Heat to Play The Lottery?

No. Lottery Heat is an online tool only. It does not sell lottery tickets.

How/Where Can I Play the Lottery?

The lottery you want to play depends on what’s available in your own state (and state rules). If you’re interested in information regarding some of the most popular lotteries, you can check out information about PowerBall here and MegaMillions here. Another fantastic resource is located at Lottery.com.

Is There a Fee to Start Using The Heatmap?

There is no initial cost to sign up and start using Lottery Heat’s heatmap tool. But if you want to enjoy all the best and most powerful features that Lottery Heat has to offer you, we highly suggest you upgrade from the free plan to either our monthly membership or our lifetime membership. In order to see all the benefits and features of each plan, you can see them on this page.

I’m Ready to Try Lottery Heat, Where Do I Sign Up?

WISE CHOICE! To get started with your free account, simply click here. All you need to do is enter in your full name, best email address, set up a password, and enter in your cell phone number (used for text updates – this is optional).