Shelley Arnold / $1,000,000

Is it worth playing the Powerball lottery?

Hundreds of the players play the Powerball lottery to try their luck, but few win the lottery. So it is evident that it is a game of chance, but your number selection also plays a significant role in winning or losing the lottery.

Here is the lottery winning story of Arnold, who wins the lottery of $1 million.

$1 Million Powerball Ticket Spent Weeks in Purse

Shelley Arnold wins the Powerball lottery of prize $1 million, but nobody can see her face because she was in the mask. She also says that when she realized that she won the award of $1 million, her husband, the clerk, couldn’t estimate my happiness level as I had a mask on my face. But she is thrilled and can’t even believe that she won the prize of $ 1 million.

When she checks the lottery ticket by using the ticket scanner, she doesn’t believe she cross-checks it by the clerk scan and fits the numbers several times at home. She says that the most fun part is she has the ticket in her purse and didn’t even realize that she carried $1 million in her bag for weeks.

Arnold says that she purchases her ticket from the Safeway Century way in Bend when she goes there to do the grocery shopping. She is a regular Powerball lottery player but didn’t imagine that she wins the jackpot as she always wins the $4 from here or there.

Safeway officials are also pleased and say that they always like it when one of their customers wins the lottery prize and wins the jackpot, which is an amazing moment for them.

The Director of communication and public affairs of Safeway says that they are so thrilled for Shelley. They also say that our employees work so hard and they think it’s a better time for her to win the lottery prize.

Arnolds have the quick pick ticket with all the matching numbers, but it missed the number of Powerball, so they won the $1 million by matching all the white ball numbers. The numbers of her ticket are 06-25-36-43-48. But the number 24 is missing, which was the Powerball number.

She claims her lottery prize from Orgon by setting an appointment. For the public and officials’ health and safety, the Oregon Lottery offices are temporarily closed in Salem and Wilsonville. Officials are keeping their eye on Covid 19 situation. However, if any player has the lottery ticket and wins the prize of $50,000, they can claim their winning prize from the Oregon lottery website and mail their signed ticket and prize claiming form.

Moreover, the players who have the lottery tickets and win a prize of more than $50,000 will need to visit the Oregon lottery office and set their appointments in Salem. Players can get to the meeting by calling on their official number. Make sure that you have the winning lottery and sign on its back.

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