Lawrence Ginn / $1,000,000 | Peter & Tammy Van Winkle / $1,000,000

Powerball Lottery Tickets

The Powerball lottery is a fun game, but it requires the right strategy to win. Choose the perfect combination of numbers when buying the ticket and check it in every lottery drawing publication. It increases the chances you win. Here are the two winning stories of Powerball players that also amaze you after reading.

So let’s dig into them.

$1 million Powerball prize goes to Beaufort County man

Lawrence Ginn of Washington wins the Powerball lottery and takes $1 million to his home on Wednesday.

Ginn carefully chooses the set of numbers. Luckily that number matches all the five white balls in the Powerball lottery drawing of Oct. 21. He beats the odds of one in 11.6 million prizes.

After winning the lottery, he said that it is unbelievable for him when he claims the prize money with his wife and says that it still can’t be sunk in my mind.

Ginn has seafood and Quick shop in Washington on Caroline Avenue, and he purchases his lottery ticket at that shop. At that time, he thought to use the lottery money to invest in his business and pay their bills. However, after clearing all the state and federal taxes, he receives the $707,501 cash to return to his home.

Powerball lottery games offer the players to win in nine ways, in which the Saturday jackpot is equal to the worth of $159 million, and after the annuity, the cash prize is $116 million. Ticket sales can make it possible to raise the lottery money to $725 million per year.

NE Lottery: Grand Island Couple Wins $1 Million Playing Powerball

Powerball Lottery Winners

A couple of the Grand Island win the Powerball lottery prize of $1 million when he plays the Nebraska lottery.

Peter and Tammy Van Winkle buy his winning lottery ticket from the Fast Mart located in Lincoln’s street. His ticket has the quick pick number of Powerball lottery consisting of the digits 05, 21, 36, 61, 62. The four out of five number matches with the drawing but didn’t fit with Powerball number 18 in the picture of Jul. 25.

Van Winkle was on a shopping trip and on the way back to his home when he stopped at the highway to fill the gas. Tammy went inside and bought the Fast Mart and purchased the lotto tickets and scratched them when riding back.

Peter has many other lottery tickets and set this ticket into them when he decided to check them. He won another lottery of $3, then fits the Powerball lottery tickets and doesn’t believe his eyes. Then it contains it on a ticket machine that announces that the winner is present in the Nebraska lottery.

However, he decided to take the lottery ticket back home and said that Igo t some weird feelings and signed the tickets back.

After reaching back home, he checks the lottery ticket with Tammy at the Nebraska lottery websites. Check again and again until they believe that they won the lottery prize.

He claims the lottery prize from the Nebraska lottery Lincoln office on Friday morning.  

Van Winkles said they used the prize money to pay their loan and remain trading in cars. They also said that this money helps their child for college studies. He said that we buy them and their tickets are cheaper than the bear.

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