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IOWAN Lottery: Man Finds $50,000-Winning Powerball Ticket He Misplaced

Casey Langan Powerball Winner

Casey lagan wins the Powerball lottery of a prize of $50,000, but its story is fascinating. So let’s dig into it.

He purchases the Powerball lottery ticket about a year ago and forgets it in West Des Moines, where he works. It is his winning lottery. However, fast forward to his winning month. It is a good or bad news situation for the man. 

He says that he recently joins a company as a layoff and clean his work car place. During collecting his luggage, he found his lottery ticket, which is still inside his console. He decides to check its number on the Lottery website and get a big shock. He wins the lottery with the big prize.

He collects his lottery prize on Monday from the Clive headquarters and says that it is the perfect timing as Christmas is just at the corner. 

Lagan’s lottery number matches the four white balls out of the five in the drawing of 18 January. However, he is just one number away from winning the jackpot of prize $343. He purchases his winning ticket from the Kwik star, where he lives with his wife. But he forgets about the ticket by placing it in the console of his car, and he uses this car every time.  

Lagan says that he didn’t believe it for sometime when he saw his number matches the lottery website’s winning number, so he took his lottery ticket to the nearby convenience store to confirm the news. He believes when he hears that “you are a winner.”

Lagan draws his lottery prize before a few months expire. According to lottery law, the winner can draw his month up to 365 days from the date of drawing published. So if he doesn’t lose his job and finds the lottery ticket, he may lose his winning prize.  

He also said that he drives the car for a year with $50,000 in his car console. So he believes that things always happen for a reason. The winning number on the 18 January lottery was 20-24-38-56-68 and Powerball 18.

Now Langan moved to Des Moines with his area and used a part of his winning prize for his house’s down payment. He said that he walks around to find some homes, but now he finds his way to get a place. So it’s a pretty exciting part for him. He is also doing his job and hopes his luck against work in the next lottery as well. 

Now his message to anyone who has the lottery ticket but didn’t check. Check every single access that you have.

Final words

Keep checking your lottery ticket number as you don’t know when your luck works, and you win the Powerball lottery. It is the game of your fate and your number selection strategy. So keep trying your best.

I hope you like the story of Lagan, who wins the lottery by chance.

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