How To Use Power Play To Multiply Your Powerball Winnings

Powerball is a famous lottery game requiring only a few bucks to play and can make you a millionaire. The game offers one jackpot, which increases every time numbers are drawn and no contestant gets lucky enough to have the matching numbers.

In 2016, Powerball gained worldwide popularity after it awarded a $1.586 billion jackpot.

There are other prizes (worth between $4 and $2 million) that have also been awarded to winners.

You can play Powerball by two effortless ways.

2 Ways To Play The Powerball

The Power Play option is one way to boost how much you win from the lottery.

  • Ask the retailer to pick the numbers. All you have to do is request the “Easy Pick ” option and you’ll get random numbers generated by the computer.
  • Pick your digits yourself. For this, you can ask for a payslip for the Powerball. Then, using your pencil, fill in five digits between one and 69, and select one power ball number between one and 26.

Benefits of Power Play When You Win

Win the lottery, then win more with the Power Play benefits.

When selecting your lottery numbers, you can do an extra step to increase the winning prize amount. All you have to do is to select the Power Play option. At the time of the draw, if you win a prize and select a Power Play option, a random number will be drawn and multiplied with your prize money.

This applies only when the prize is less than $150 million. If the prize is above $150 million, the 10X multiplier is ignored alongside other multipliers as well.

For example, let’s say the prize money is $80 million and you correctly pick four numbers and the Powerball, the standard prize is $50,000. Too, you’ve added the Power Play choice.

The prize money could be 100,00; 150,000; 200,000; 250,000; or 500,000 dollars – however, it’s essential to keep in mind that the multiplier does not affect the jackpot prize money.

You can play with the same numbers for multiple drawings, up to ten times. This is called Multidraw.

How would you know if you won the lottery?

If you pick a Power Play number, you could win even more money from the Powerball.

The Powerball drawing event takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 PM ET, at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. If the viewer misses the TV broadcast, the winners are also listed n the newspapers and on the official website of Powerball.

Let’s say, you coordinate every one of the five numbers and the Powerball, and you win the jackpot – which rises along with sales in the game. The more individuals play, the more the prize grows.

Match five numbers without the Powerball, and you’ll win $1 million (or $2 million if you’ve added Power Play). Likewise, you can win money for coordinating four numbers in addition to the Powerball, three numbers, etc.

Keep Your Lottery Ticket Safe

The Power Play option is another way to multiply your total winnings.

You’ll even win a couple of bucks for picking the Powerball number when no one else can.

With your ticket, sign the back, so everybody knows it’s yours. Keep it in a sheltered spot since you’ll require it to guarantee any value you may win.

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