Barbara Haley / $150,000 | Kevin Halterman / $1,000,000

Powerball Lottery Ticket

Powerball is a US based lottery game that many players play worldwide. So here we will share Powerball lottery winning stories. 

So let’s begin.

Happy Accident: The wrong Number Leads to $150,000 Powerball Prize

Barbara Haley Powerball Winner

A winner lady named CLIVE from the city Sioux says that she wins the lottery by a happy accident. She stops reminding her husband to wear his eyesight glasses, but this leads them to win the Powerball lottery of a prize of $150,000.

Barbara Haley claims that she and her husband Steve buy the lottery ticket to match four white balls out of five. Their number matches in the Saturday drawing of Powerball. But she was just a number away from winning the night jackpot that equals to the prize of $23.2 million. 

Haley’s victory is just an accident that doesn’t have any additional effort or luck. However, when Steve fills the play slip, he didn’t wear glasses and places different numbers that they find better and usually uses them before playing other lotteries.

He wants to put the number 8, but accidentally he places the number 9. He doesn’t even realize that they win the lottery of $150,000. But Barbare told the officials that they expect to win the $300 because he places to number 8, but they get $150,000 because he sets nine instead of 8.

She also says that I always tell him to wear the glasses and I am going to complain to him with a big heart.

Late father’s lucky numbers win Forsyth County man $1 million prize

Kevin Halterman belongs to Pfafftown and wants to try his luck and decide to play the Powerball lottery. He purchases the lottery ticket, and his chance works. He won the prize of one million dollars by playing with the right numbers in the lottery.

His dad passed away in March, and he used to play with numbers and have some specific digits. He takes them and starts playing the numbers that hit him. Then the Halterman purchased the lottery ticket from a family fair held in the Winston Salem road Reynolda. It is the winning ticket that he buys for $2. 

The number on the tickets matches all the lottery numbers in the Saturday night drawing and beat the odds of 1 by 11,6 million. 

 He said that he figures out that his father helps him a lot and is a lucky man. He claims his prize on Monday morning and takes his money $707,506 after clearing all state and federal tax authorities’ tax duties. 

Not only Halterman’s, but Saturday drawing of Powerball also made many one-night millionaires as a ticket won a $23 million jackpot in New jersey. Eight other tickets matched the Powerball, and they won the $2 million prize. 


Choose the right number and try your luck if you also want to become a one-night millionaire like many other players. However, your luck matters more than anything but also choose the numbers carefully.

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