How Powerball Works & What You Need To Know To Win

Powerball in the U.S. is the most famous lottery game in the world. It runs all over America, except for the six states. It is the first lottery game that uses two drums to reveal the winner. One drum contains white balls while the other drum has red balls, also known as power balls.

The game offers one jackpot, which increases every time a drawing occurs and no contestant gets lucky enough to have matching numbers.

Powerball gained worldwide popularity after it awarded a $1.586 billion jackpot in January 2016.

How The Powerball Works In The U.S.

Learn How the Powerball works in the U.S. and what the Power Play option does.

The drawing event takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 PM ET at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. If the viewer misses the TV Broadcast, the winners are also listed n the newspapers and on the official website of Powerball.

However, you can’t register for the Powerball online. You have to purchase it from the store.

In general, the price of a Powerball ticket is $2 and can go up to $3 if you add a Power Play option. The Power Play option has the ability to increase the amount of your prize money if you pick the right number.

Initially, the Powerball lottery prize starts at $40 million and can add up to $10 million each time there’s no winner. Consequently, it’s no surprise that the jackpot prize often reaches tens of millions.

Besides the jackpot, there are other prizes – worth between $2 and $4 million – that are awarded to other winners. The prize amount depends on the participant’s correctly-guessed numbers. In every drawing, the number of prizes given out is determined only by how many contestants make the right guesses.

Steps To Playing The Powerball

Map of the Powerball odds to consider when you play.

  1. To get registered in the drawing, you have to purchase a Powerball lottery ticket and select five numbers. You can pick numbers yourself, or you can utilize the Quick Pick option.
  2. The Powerball is a two-drum game in which one drum contains 69 white balls and the other drum includes 26 red balls (known as power balls). Five white balls are drawn from the first drum to choose the prize winner, and one red ball is drawn from the second drum. 
  3. If your selected number matches the five white balls drawn, you are the winner of a cash prize. And, if you match the red ball as well, you win the jackpot prize.

What Is Power Play And How Does It Affect My Winnings?

How Power Play affects your winnings when you play the Powerball Lottery.

The regular price of a Powerball ticket is $2. However, if you purchase the Power Play option for an additional $1 and select a number from one to five. It can dramatically increase the prize money of Powerball winners. If selected, a Power Play multiplies the prize money that you win after matching five numbers.

The Power Play option works differently for the prize money you get after matching five and six balls. As such, the $1 million payout you get after matching five balls gets doubled courtesy of the Power Play option.

Nonetheless, the Power Play option does not have any effect on the jackpot.

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How To Use Power Play To Multiply Your Powerball Winnings

Powerball is a famous lottery game requiring only a few bucks to play and can make you a millionaire. The game offers one jackpot, which increases every time numbers are drawn and no contestant gets lucky enough to have the matching numbers.

In 2016, Powerball gained worldwide popularity after it awarded a $1.586 billion jackpot.

There are other prizes (worth between $4 and $2 million) that have also been awarded to winners.

You can play Powerball by two effortless ways.

2 Ways To Play The Powerball

The Power Play option is one way to boost how much you win from the lottery.

  • Ask the retailer to pick the numbers. All you have to do is request the “Easy Pick ” option and you’ll get random numbers generated by the computer.
  • Pick your digits yourself. For this, you can ask for a payslip for the Powerball. Then, using your pencil, fill in five digits between one and 69, and select one power ball number between one and 26.

Benefits of Power Play When You Win

Win the lottery, then win more with the Power Play benefits.

When selecting your lottery numbers, you can do an extra step to increase the winning prize amount. All you have to do is to select the Power Play option. At the time of the draw, if you win a prize and select a Power Play option, a random number will be drawn and multiplied with your prize money.

This applies only when the prize is less than $150 million. If the prize is above $150 million, the 10X multiplier is ignored alongside other multipliers as well.

For example, let’s say the prize money is $80 million and you correctly pick four numbers and the Powerball, the standard prize is $50,000. Too, you’ve added the Power Play choice.

The prize money could be 100,00; 150,000; 200,000; 250,000; or 500,000 dollars – however, it’s essential to keep in mind that the multiplier does not affect the jackpot prize money.

You can play with the same numbers for multiple drawings, up to ten times. This is called Multidraw.

How would you know if you won the lottery?

If you pick a Power Play number, you could win even more money from the Powerball.

The Powerball drawing event takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 PM ET, at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. If the viewer misses the TV broadcast, the winners are also listed n the newspapers and on the official website of Powerball.

Let’s say, you coordinate every one of the five numbers and the Powerball, and you win the jackpot – which rises along with sales in the game. The more individuals play, the more the prize grows.

Match five numbers without the Powerball, and you’ll win $1 million (or $2 million if you’ve added Power Play). Likewise, you can win money for coordinating four numbers in addition to the Powerball, three numbers, etc.

Keep Your Lottery Ticket Safe

The Power Play option is another way to multiply your total winnings.

You’ll even win a couple of bucks for picking the Powerball number when no one else can.

With your ticket, sign the back, so everybody knows it’s yours. Keep it in a sheltered spot since you’ll require it to guarantee any value you may win.

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The Science Behind Why We Still Play The Lottery

The science behind playing the lottery.

Terrible news! Just like thousands of other people, I also tried playing the lottery. Turns out that I didn’t win the Powerball drawing this week.

We all know the odds of winning the lottery are extremely low, so low that you’ve probably never heard a statistic so small in your life. Powerball reports its current odds: one in 175 million.

That means that you’re more likely to win a gold medal in the Olympics, more likely to win an Academy Award, and more likely to be hit by an asteroid than you are to win a Powerball lottery.

People who play the lottery know the odds are pretty low. They may not realize how low, but we know it’s not likely. And yet, hundreds of thousands of people still play – which is exceptionally fascinating and bizarre at the same time.

Why does science say about so many people playing the lottery when they know they’ll never win?

A game in which you have to completely ignore logic, reason, and rationale to play in the first place? People who don’t play the lottery often wonder that there has to be something going on here, right? Of course, there always is.

Let’s take a look at some of the leading scientific lottery studies:

The science behind why so many people play the lottery, even though only a small fraction of people ever win (like those pictured here).

Robert Williams, a sociologist who studies lotteries at the University of Lethbridge, says one reason we play anyway is the sheer size of the fact that these odds cause the brain to attempt to imagine.

One in 175 million. Our brain can’t understand how small that number is. It’s totally abstract,” said Williams.

But you know what isn’t abstract? Hopes and dreams, buying a lovely home, lounging on a tropical beach forever, not having to worry about making next month’s rent, paying off that enormous health care bill, a convenience from loans or credit card debt, a convenient escape from poverty.

It all feels very real. In fact, much more real than some incomprehensible statistic.

These fantasies activate areas of the brain linked to motivation and decision making. Weighed against your hope, a dollar or two doesn’t seem like much. And shoot, a glitter of hope sure is fun.

A new study published in the Journal of Consumer Research also found that fantasies about specific material items (like a car or a yacht) actually breaks down our self-control. In the study, those who bought a lottery ticket with a particular item in mind expressed a greater affinity for small, quick rewards rather than bigger-but-delayed rewards.

This break in self-control leads someone who might buy one lottery ticket to buy more of them.

Another study at Carnegie Mellon found that feeling uncertain, for instance, about whether or not you could be the lucky one, cues the brain to seek resolution. That little voice asking what could be – what might have been – sometimes results in what scientists call “magical thinking, superstitions, [and] the belief that I personally am above the odds.”

Magical thinking means the brain finds an answer that isn’t grounded in reality, but it feels good anyway.

When you think about it, it applies to a lot of things, not just the lottery. Pair these factors up with all that sneaky, but aggressive, marketing imagery prompting more fantasies, instilling false hope, egging you on, and, well, you end up with $65 billion spent on lottery tickets every year.

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Can a foreigner win the Powerball millions?

Can a foreigner win the Powerball millions?

Can a foreigner play all six lucky numbers and then claim the pot if he wins it? If you pay the two dollars that the minimum bet costs, yes. There are no restrictions based on nationality, although there are some conditions to qualify for the prize.

The essential requirement to play Powerball or Mega Millions is to buy the combination at an authorized terminal, which are within the United States.

In other words, it cannot be played from the outside. That implies that any resident abroad must be physically present in one of the 44 states where this lottery is played. The same rule applies to residents of states like Nevada or Utah, who must take the car and cross into a neighboring state to buy tickets in person.

It is possible to use agents who are in charge of managing the purchase of tickets, paying the due commission. This is what Canadian citizens usually do through portals such as Thelotter.

Last December, a citizen residing in Iraq who never traveled to the United States made public that he earned 6.4 million with Megabucks. He bought the winning ticket in August through this online service, which in turn used an agent in Oregon. But these cases are very rare.

Also, this route has risks, because this type of service is not regulated. First, the system tends to jam frequently, and it depends on the trust you have in the agents that keep the tickets. Second, and above all, the ticket purchase must be “legal” so that the winner can collect the prize. In fact, practically all the portals that offer the Powerball are fraudulent these days, because, in general terms, it is illegal to acquire lottery online or by mail.

Gambling is illegal at the federal level in the US. The states have the power to decide how to regulate gambling at their borders, including lotteries. If the game or the information about it exceeds the states’ limits, it becomes a federal domain and is therefore considered invalid. “No one except the lottery and licensed stores can sell tickets—nobody.”.

There are states, such as Illinois, that do allow online lottery purchases. But in these cases, they are restricted exclusively to residents. At the same time, several US states are contemplating the option of limiting all lotteries to US citizens to prevent the undocumented from benefiting from the prizes, but no initiative came to fruition.

Since there are no limitations on nationality or residence, immigrants can buy and claim the prize in an irregular situation. But luck can be turned against him because the graceful man must show his face in public, and that makes him vulnerable to deportation. Being rich is also not a guarantee that you can achieve legal residency in the US, although it can pave the way.

Assuming that a tourist who is passing through the US is encouraged to buy tickets and hit the winning combination. To do this, you must prove in person to the State’s lottery managers where you acquired it, that you are of legal age, and your identity.

As a rule, prizes under $ 600 can be pocketed at any store with terminals that issue lottery tickets. But the shopkeeper may, for security reasons, not have the cash to pay for it at the moment. It can even be claimed by regular mail. It is mandatory to request the payment in the State where the ticket was purchased in any of the cases.

The winner has two ways to benefit from the prize. The most common option is to receive it in one go, which significantly reduces the amount after the payment of federal and State taxes, and in some cities like New York, also local.

The tax issue is different in each case. Non-residents are subject to a 30% tax, although it may vary depending on where the ticket was purchased. Some states require the winner to present a tax identification number, effectively requiring an address in the US, but the deadline for claiming the prize can help schedule the play. Then there is the tax regime that is applied in each country and the double taxation agreements.

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If you want to learn the real secret to winning the lottery, then one of the first places to research is by looking at previous lottery winners. When you look closer at many big lottery winners, many never picked numbers at random. Most winners took playing the lottery very seriously and never jumped in blindly – they had a solid game plan. And this included specific number picks.

“Did you also know that there are actually specific lotto number
picks that are picked more often than other numbers?”

This is true for not only the big lotteries that include PowerBall and MegaMillions, but even smaller lotteries as well. Now, just imagine if you could access these ‘hot’ number picks that get picked on a more regular basis. More than likely, if you had access to these kinds of numbers and historical data, you’d stop picking numbers at random and stop wasting your money on losing lottery tickets. 

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