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Powerball Lottery Tickets

Powerball lottery tickets are available for $2. It is a fun and easy game that many players play worldwide. The players need to select the five white numbers out of the 69 digits and one red number from the 26 digits. You can also choose the quick pick number to buy the ticket and randomly decide the combination of numbers.

Here are the two fantastic Powerball prize-winning stories.

Five Correct POWERBALL Numbers Win Millsboro Woman $1 Million

A 45 years woman who lived in Millsboro won the Powerball jackpot prize of $1 million. She has the Lottery tickets whose five numbers match the five white balls of the Powerball. She checked her lottery ticket with the Powerball lottery drawing published on May 16. These women’s wish to remain anonymous purchased the lottery ticket from Royal Farm #123 Oak Orchard in Millsboro.

According to Vernon Kirk, the Delaware Lottery director, she has the $1.93 million total payment. But it reduced to $1.71 million, so they are happy to see that the Delaware residents play and win these games and take a significant amount of money to their homes. So they congratulate all the lucky winners, especially in this tough time of the pandemic situation.

However, the winner cannot reach the contestant interview due to coronavirus, but she is pleased on her big day. Powerball winning lottery drawing is published every Wednesday, so she claimed the prize money on May 22, 2020.

The Delaware lottery only contributed $5.4 billion at the start of operation in 1975 by its General Fund. They have the aim to help Delaware financially. They have various lotteries, including Powerball, Megamillions, lotto America, multi-town lotto, and many more sports lotteries.

Powerball is one of the popular lotteries from them in Delaware.

Group of 10 Splits $50,000 Powerball Prize

There is a group of 10 people who wins the lottery and decide to split the prize equally. All of them belong to different places, but they collaborate to play a lottery. They beat the price of $50,000.

Their lottery ticket numbers match the four out of five white balls with one Powerball number from the drawing of January 16.

They purchase the winning lottery ticket from the Casey’s General store 502 NWeber Ave in Salisbury. After winning the prize, they equally split the price between each of them.

Winners include Berger residents Gerald and Carolyn Speckhals, Salisbury residents Connor Brown, Mylie Brown, Connor Fawks, Campbell Parker, Lori Brown, Brett Kesler, James Blackwell Keytesville, and Gail Zemerick of Smithville.

Their lottery number includes the digit 14, 20,65, 29, and 67 with the Powerball number 2. A number of their tickets match with the drawing of the Powerball lottery on January 16. They claim the lottery prize the next day and become a one-night millionaire in one day.

I hope you enjoy these winning stories and get the motivation to win the Powerball lottery. You need to choose the numbers and wait for your luck until Powerball publishes their drawings every Saturday and Wednesday.

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