$414 Million Arizona couple

Mega million is a fun lottery game that many players play regularly. But not all of them win the lottery. Your luck and number choosing quality help you to win the game. It has two groups of numbers from which players choose. From group one, players have to select the five digits and choose a powerful mega number. It helps you to win the jackpot.

Mega million lottery drawings are held every Tuesday and Friday at 11 p.m. picture is live telecasted on TV channels, and its live stream plays on the lottery website. So the players need to match their lottery tickets number and try their luck.

Here is a mega-million lotteries winning story that amazes you and provides some motivation to try your luck.

So let’s dig into it.

Lucky numbers pay big for Arizona couples!

A married couple takes a house near the quarter of a billion dollars in Glendale, Arizona. They decide to try their luck through the mega million lotteries and purchase a ticket. They win the mega million lotteries with the $414 million and choose the lump sum cash option.

They purchase the lottery ticket from Circle K, located at 20203 N. 67th Ave. in Glendale. Their ticket wins the $319.9 million that remains approximately $76.8 million after clearing all the federal and state taxes. However, this couple has a wish to remain anonymous.

They purchase the winning ticket on May 27 and win the prize in the drawing on June 9. Their all six numbers match with the lottery drawing and become the 11th most enormous jackpot winner in the mega millions lottery history. The lottery ticket seller also receives the $50,000 at selling the jackpot-winning lottery but the retailer pledges this money to charity by his own choice.

Gregg Edgar, Arizona Lottery Executive Director, said that they are thrilled for the couple and looking forward to when they claim their prize. They also noted that this lottery’s primary aim is to help the players make their dreams real as this couple lives all their goals in reality.

However, they want to remain anonymous, but they are also excited to share their story. The man is 70 years old, and his wife is 63. Both of them are used to playing the lottery as regular players from the previous 38 years. However, they always chose the lottery numbers on their family birth dates.

He said that his birthday is next month, so he feels the itching in his left hand that they will have a lot of money. And they found it by buying a ticket. She says that when she matches the number and finds out, they win the lottery. She starts yelling and move to her house to share this big news with her husband. However, her husband didn’t believe it. They say that it’s a fantastic feeling and feel lighter as it is incredible as now there is not a single bill that they cannot pay.  

However, now they win a prize and use it to clear their mortgage and plan to see some money for their children and grandchildren. Rest they will invest somewhere and enjoy their life.

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