$4 Million Scott Clark and Friends | $50,000 Maryland Dad

Mega million is a world-famous lottery game that many players play and win prizes by luck. In mega millions, players need to choose the correct combination of numbers. However, when players buy the lottery ticket, they choose the five numbers from one group and one from a separate group. That one number is referred to as the mega number. Many players prefer the quick pick option at the time of numbers selection. The computer automatically chooses the random numbers for the player in the quick pick and tries their luck.

So here I will share two exciting mega million Lottery winning stories.

Phone call signaled big Mega Millions win

Scott Clark was a regular mega-million lottery player and used to say that he never calls his family during work unless he wins a lottery. However, during mid-July, he calls his family when he gets promoted. And he said that I told you that I would win the Lottery whenever I contact you during work that day. So I won today.

Clark wins the mega-million Lottery with his friends and becomes the second largest winner of Idaho’s mega million lottery history. He has the mega-million Lottery winning ticket from July 14, 2020, which also has the mega pillar option. So it doubles up the excitement by multiplying the lottery prize to $4 million.

He purchases the winning lottery ticket from Malad city at K-C oil. It is a small ruler area near the Idaho-Utah border.

All the group members, including Ogden, Utah, and remaining members, are used to playing the Lottery from a long time ago, like more than ten half-decade. However, the winning cash split into five members, and eth Clark and his wife take the prize’s 70% share. The other team members are fellow Utah residents Scott Yearsley of Farr West, Curt Walker of Clearfield, and Arnold Mikesell of Morgan.

They claim their lottery cash in early August and plan to win more lotteries. They said that it is not enough to retire from eth jobs.

Tuition Solution for Maryland Dad

Woodbine has the challenge to support his child’s college tuition. Luckily, he wins the mega million lotteries on New year’s day and can easily cover his child’s college expenses. He wins the Lottery of $50,000.

He purchases the quick pick lottery that matches with the drawing of Jan 1. He is a regular player of mega-million Lottery at 56 and always waits for the jackpot to win.

So he buys the ticket and chases up the $401 million jackpot on Jan 1. So he was happy to become the money and be able to support his family. He also said that he is hoping to win the Lottery one more time, but he is super excited this time.

He has the metal pillar option to $3, so his prize of $10,000 humps up to $50,000. Megapillar can double the lottery prize up to 5X.

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