$2 Million South Carolina Winner | $2 Million Dorothy Millsap

Mega million is one of the popular lotteries that are played worldwide. Players of megamillion can play this lottery from 45 states. It is a fun and exciting game that requires the perfect match of numbers to win the lottery.

Here I will share two interesting mega million lottery winning stories representing how luck helps win a lottery.

A lottery ticket bought after voting wins $2 million

A lady winner from the South Carolina Lowcountry purchases the lottery ticket after winning the voting. This lottery ticket leads her to win the prize of $2million.

She said that ae was on the road and decided to refresh at Parkers #58 on the Savannah Hwy. Then, she instantly decided to play with numbers.

When she checks the lottery drawing and gets a shock, she wins $1,000, but her husband still doesn’t believe that. He said that he thinks it’s more than that.

Their lottery ticket number matches with the first five numbers of the Friday drawing. But as she spends $1million on Megapiller, her prize becomes double to $2 million. Winning lottery ticket numbers consist of the 5, 11, 25, 27, 64, and Mega Ball number is 13.

Megamillions winners from the Beaufort wins overcomes the odds of 1 and win $2million from the 12,607,306. Moreover, Parkers #58 in Beaufort Receive the bonus prize of $20,000 as they are sold the winning ticket.

$2 million prizes become real for Virginia woman

Linda brought the mega million lotteries when it reached $1 billion, and everyone is talking about it in Millsap. She went to the wilderness road Market at US highway 23 north in gate city and purchased the ticket by choosing the quick pick. So the computer randomly chooses the lottery ticket number in the easy pick.

However, the next day, the drawing was published, but she didn’t check but here’s the news that the lottery ticket sales from that store win $2 million. It was the drawing of 22nd January.

But still, they don’t think they are the winners. Her husband said that it is the gas station where they go, and someone wins the $2million. She replied that the winner is a lucky one and never dreams that she is that lucky person.

However, when she checks her lottery ticket and finds out that she is the lucky person whose ticket’s first five numbers match the drawing and only misses the mega ball number. However, it is the second prize, but Ms. Millsap spent an extra dollar on Megapillar when she bought the lottery ticket. That extra dollar doubles her lottery prize to $2 million.

When they claim her prize at the Virginia lottery office, they still don’t believe it’s real.

Ms. Millsap doesn’t have any immediate plans for prize money instead of taking care of her family. She is not the only winner, according to that drawing. Moreover, the store also receives the $10,000 bonus for selling the winning lottery ticket.

Mega million lottery drawings are held every Friday and Tuesday at 11 p.m.

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