$2 Million Michael Quinones | $1 Million Robert & Elaine McEnroe

Mega million makes many players millionaires in one night. It is an exciting lottery game that recently players in more than 45 states. Regular lottery players are used to buying the tickets and try their luck by choosing the right combination of numbers. 

The prize of the lottery depends on how much your ticket matches with the lottery drawing. If it fits all the five numbers and with one mega ball number, the player wins the jackpot. But if only five or four number matches they win the prize according to their digits. 

Here are the two exciting mega million lottery winning stories. 

Megaplier pays off for Queens, N.Y., winner

Michael Quinones, the resident of Briarwood, New York, wins the mega millions lottery of $2 million. Quinones lottery ticket’s first five numbers match with the may 29 drawing. He is the second prize holder of the mega pillar and has become the newest lottery winner millionaire in New York. 

He said that he hides his ticket and calls his tax preparer after realizing that they won the lottery, he hides his ticket in the dressing drawer.  

However, the mega pillar is an additional $1 wager for the mega-million players that use the option only at ticket purchasing. It helps the players to multiply their winning mega-million prizes by two or five times, but it didn’t include the jackpot prize. 

Mega pillar numbers are randomly selected before the mega-million drawings. Quinone’s mega pillar number was 2 in the May 29 drawing. So the prize money of Quinones $1 automatically converts into the $2 million. 

Quinone’s mega million winning numbers are 10-13-32-41-51, and the Mega Ball number is 03. The prize of the second mega-million $2million is paid as the one-time lump sum and receives the check of the $1,266,081 after clearing all the federal and state taxes. 

He said that he would use this money to buy a new condo. However, he purchases the winning ticket from eth Express news on Main Street in Flushing. 

Regular store proves lucky for New York couple

Robert and Elaine McEnroe of Painted Post, New York, are the most recent mega million lottery winners who win the $1,000,000 mega million-second prize. Her lottery ticket numbers match with the first five numbers on the drawing of August 27, 

Robert is one of the regular customers where he purchases tickets for many years. When he realizes that he has the real lottery winning ticket, he doesn’t feel that ticket. 

However, when he realizes himself as a winner, he keeps the lottery ticket safe to not lose it. It is a good fortune for him. 

The winning numbers are 08-12-23-39-43, and the Mega Ball number is 06. it was the winning combination of numbers, according to the August 27 drawing. 

He said that we use this money to pay some bills and for financial security. They also have some plans to enjoy traveling trips with family. 

Moreover, they purchase the lottery winning tickets from the Dandy Mini Mart on South Hamilton Street in Painted Post, and this ticket changes their fortune.

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