$1 Million Richard Barnett | $120 Million Adrian Tongson

If you want some motivation to play the mega million lotteries, here are the two exciting lottery winning stories.

Virginia man just one number away from the jackpot

Richard Barnett’s wife hears tremendous news on December 11, 2020, that someone in the Triangle market sold his mega millions ticket. The interesting point is that the ticket wins $1million, but the actual winner didn’t receive their money. So, she is about to get access on the day when the drawing is going to be published.

The Christiansburg man said that I told her not to get hopes up as it may be a scam. However, it turns out a winning ticket.

So, the first five numbers of the ticket match with the November 17 drawing of the Mega Millions. And she wins the prize of a mega-million $1 million that still seems right to her. If all the ticket matches, including the mega ball number, she beats $176 million estimates.

Her winning numbers include the digits 8, 35,1368, and 46, and the mega ball number was 16. At that drawing, it was the only lottery ticket that won the prize of $1 million. However, the store from which she buys the token receives a bonus reward worth $10,000 as they sell the million dollars winning ticket in the town.

They receive their prize money from the Virginia lottery officials and tell them they don’t have any immediate plans for the winning price. She said she is the same person as before winning the lottery.

The mega millions lottery drawing is published every Tuesday and Friday at 11 p.m. its picture is broadcast on tv stations all over Virginia live through live streaming at their websites. However, the odds to match the numbers in the mega million lotteries is 1 in 12,607,306.

Just one ticket is needed for the big Wisconsin winner!

Adrian Tongson of Racine purchases the lottery ticket from Kwik Trip #134 on 4924 Spring St. in Mount Pleasant, and its drawing is going to be published on September 15. Tongson is one of the lucky lottery winners who wins the $120 million jackpot. He claims the cash and gets $65.4 million money to his home.

Tongson is one of the regular mega millions of lottery players, and he said that it doesn’t matter how much you spend in any lottery. It’s just one ticket to win the prize, and it’s something that happens with her as well.

He didn’t recognize that he won the lottery after one week of the drawing publishing. However, he matches the lottery ticket withdrawing and comes to know that he is a jackpot winner.

Tongson instantly resigns from his job and starts making plans for his winning prize. The first time any player from Wisconsin won the mega million lotteries was when Wisconsin began this game on January 31, 2010. Moreover, Wisconsin still had 65 big mega million lottery winners who won the $1 million since 2010.

Tongson winning ticket has the numbers 25,28,38,59,62, and the mean all number is 22. He chooses to claim the cash and get approximately $95.4 million. It is the money that he gets to his name after paying all the federal and state taxes.

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