$1 Million Craig & Vanessa Ottinger

Every mega million players use different ways to select their lottery ticket numbers. Some are used to try their luck numbers, birth dates of family, friends, or their loved one’s lucky number. However, mega-million lotteries have a quick pick option. It randomly chooses the numbers in a computer that includes the five numbers from one group and mega number.

The players prefer to choose the numbers on their own as the computer randomly selects the numbers. But many players win the lottery by purchasing a quick pick lottery ticket. Beyond all this, anyone can win the lottery by luck as there is only one ad among the million tickets. It does not mean that we focus on the numbers. Always choose the numbers carefully and do your best to win a lottery.

Here is the story of a couple who wins the mega million lotteries and become a millionaire.

Legacy retailer lucky for Oregon couple

Vanessa Ottinger of Tigard, Ore, has a mega-million lottery and was checking it withdrawing. Suddenly he gets hit whether his ticket number is for or five? He took a closer look and found out that all the five numbers on her ticket match the drawing. She didn’t believe that and handed over the access to her husband, Craig.

He asked him what we win eth millions. She replied yes excitedly, and they again matched the number. Their five out of five numbers compare with the drawing but unluckily not with the mega ball number.

So they won the $1 million in Oct, 16 drawings of mega-million. If their mega all matches with the drawing number, they probably win the $77 million.

They purchase the lottery ticket from Sherry Daniels, owner of eth THE KING CITY LIQUOR STORE. If this win is a shock for the couple, it is also less than a jerk for the retailer. He is a long time lottery ticket retailer in Oregon and seems for so long to become a part of the jackpot-winning lottery.

Daniels said that his dad owns the store before him, and he lost him five years ago. He says that he is sure that his father is in heaven and knows that they have a winner. Moreover, their store has a history of selling the mega million lottery tickets but increasing the numbers of tickets in the last few years. They sell many tickets, and it becomes the second time when their selling ticket wins the biggest prize in the shop’s history. In October 2018, they already had a winner who won $8.5 million, and now the Ottinger is the second winner with her $1 million prize.

King store owner also says that many people buy tickets from them because they are very friendly and clearly explain it to every customer. They plan to continue this business as her father’s legacy and look for many more winners from her customers.

However, it is a big day for the winning couple, and everyone is so thrilled for both of them. Now they can live all their dreams in reality.

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